Thursday, 24 September 2009

jerome in the desert

jerome has two sites: the study and the wilderness.

Being angry with myself, would set out solitary to explore the desert: and wherever I would spy the depth of a valley or a mountainous or a precipitous rock, there was my place of prayer.

its fragment of functional space being within an enclave encapsulated in its turn within a protective territory

Alison and Peter Smithson: from the house of the future to a house of today

Saturday, 19 September 2009



It seems there was a time when the dimensions of things modified themselves, leaving a number of puzzling margins, as between the mountains as they must have been and the mountains as they are now, or between the lake as it once was and the lake as it is now. Sometimes in the spring the old lake will return.
Marilynne Robinson - Housekeeping


stella's apartment

Friday, 18 September 2009


The board is slotted into a groove packed with sphagnum moss and beeswax, the moss is dried out over the fire and then expands when it gets wet to increase the waterproofing. There is another board pegged over the top to prevent the transom from rising up as the boat dries out. The semi circular projections carved in the bottom of the boat are based on similar features in the Late Bronze Age dugout found in the river Tay estuary at Perth a few years ago. These are supposedly unique features and have been interpreted as foot-rests to stand on when punting.

Monday, 14 September 2009

line study

The da Messina one looks like its made of oak planks or boards - the flecking on the surface looks like truncated medullary rays which is the characteristic pattern found on radially cleft and hewn oak planks. Sawn planking would have a different grain pattern. It might be that the painter has used a convention to indicate radial oak which is a good quality material. Alternatively, the structure could be made of lower quality sawn plank which has been painted to look like oak.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

St Jerome

Ford Driver's Fishes

Ford Driver's Capacitor Recipe

it took a few attempts as the CD tends to shatter nastily. wear goggles if you do it. not sure what final technique was, but remember using soldering iron to melt some bits out
also scoring surface, then put in vice with wooden blocks and snap off sections. connecting to the surface is tricky as the aluminium film is v.fragile. i drilled a hole and used some star washers to pierce the coating and contact the metal film
+ solder tags and nuts and bolts.
the picture was the prototype, the practical one i fitted inside a CD multipack case as it has convenient central axle and dust cover. it went up to about 600 picoFarad. (250pF typical for commercial tuning cap. in mw tuner)

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Electronic Voice Phenomena

Rorschach Audio and the Cemetery of Sound - Electronic Voice Phenomena and Sonic Archives

Joe Banks

irrespective of their original broadcast frequencies, a huge range of electronic transmissions share a tendency to demodulate onto (and become audible though) the amplifying circuits of radio receivers and tape recorders etc, producing what are often referred to by engineers as "stray" voices

Cocteau's film suggests that coded radio messages "inspired by the BBC broadcasts of the occupation" were transmitted from the metaphysical underworld - Orpheus asks Heurtebise "Where could they be coming from? No other station broadcasts them. I feel certain they are addressed to me personally".