Sunday, 28 August 2011

power up

energy / accumulation / expansion - those ideas of the 'future' vs. exhaustion: mankind gets older

Precarious work brings with it new kinds of misery: the always-on pressure made possible by mobile telecommunications technology means that there is no longer any end to the working day. An always-on population lives in a state of insomniac depression, unable to ever switch off.

mark fisher / the future is still ours / autoitalia

postscripts on societies of control ……

Monday, 22 August 2011

any instrument or machine

  • "any instrument or machine" (i.e. that which is controlled or controls. For instance the body is said to be a yantra[5])
  • "any instrument for holding, restraining, or fastening" (for instance a symbol which 'holds' the essence of a concept, or helps the mind to 'fasten' on a particular idea)
  • "a mystical or astronomical diagram" (usually a symbol, often inscribed on an amulet) sometimes said to possess mystical or magical powers.
sri yantra

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Friday, 19 August 2011

This is why…

Any purely quantative factor must, by its nature and function devaluate in time. Just like a joke. Marvellous. Nice. Cut off his head. And what are we to do with a screaming headless eagle throwing bloody gobs of panic through stock exchanges of the world? The terrible moment has arrived when no amount of money will buy anything. The economic machine grinds to a splintering halt.

burroughs/ the place of dead roads / 124

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Thomas Taylor - walworth road platonist

Whilst engaged with Proclus he had residing in his house Mary Wollstoncraft and her friend Miss Blood. Their three months' company was mutually agreeable. The lady listened
attentively to his explanations of Plato, called his study the " Abode of Peace," but avowed her preference for an active, rather than a contemplative life. He called upon her when she lived in
George Street, and there drank wine with her out of a tea-cup ; Mrs. Wollstoncraft observed at the time, that she did not give herself the trouble to think whether a glass was a necessary utensil in a house. "

thomas taylor/ a biographical and bibliographical sketch / william axon / 1890

bling henry

Monday, 15 August 2011

pearl diving

Of Geometrie

First, you must understand that a poynt is a pricke made with a pen or compasse, which can not bee devided into any parts, because it conteineth neither length nor bredth in it.

A Line is a right consecutive imagination in length, beginning at a poynt, and endeth also at a point, but it hath no bredth.

When two Lines are set or placed of a little wydenesse one from the other, those two lines, according to the Latine phrase, are called Parable, and by some men they are named Equidistances.

When those two Equidistances aforesaid are at each end enclosed together by another Line, it is then called a Superficies: and in like sort all spaces in what manner soever they are closed, and shut by, are called Superficies or plainnes.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

if it's a bit too spectral for you … we can up the rez