Saturday, 30 April 2011

animals and bombs // How to Weaponize your Pets

Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania, Rare Book & MS Library, Ms. Codex 0109, f. 137

Thomas Hariot, 1560-1621, John White, fl. 1585-1593, illustrated by, and Richard Hakluyt, 1552?-1616, translated by
A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia: of the Commodities and of the Nature and Manners of the Naturall Inhabitants : Discouered bÿ the English Colonÿ There Seated by Sir Richard Greinuile Knight In the ÿeere 1585 : Which Remained Vnder the Gouerenment of Twelue Monethes, At the Speciall Charge and Direction of the Honourable Sir Walter Raleigh Knight Lord Warden of the Stanneries Who therein Hath Beene Fauoured and Authorised bÿ Her Maiestie and Her Letters Patents / This Fore Booke Is Made in English by Thomas Hariot seruant to the Aboue-Named Sir Walter, a Member of the Colonÿ, and There Imploÿed in Discouering.

extraterritorial / peculiars, mints, liberties

But there are some few spots of ground in London, just in the face of the Government, unconquer’d yet, that hold in Rebellion still. Methinks ’tis strange, that places so near the Kings Palace should be no parts of his Dominions

Thomas Shadwell, The Squire of Alsatia, 1688.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

non stop nyan cat / Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!

Gentlemen, the human cell can only divide and reproduce itself fifty thousand times. This is known as the Hayflick Limit. But a virus can do it any number of times. The virus is immune to the deadly factor of repetition. Your virus is never bored.

burroughs / the place of dead roads / 123

Friday, 22 April 2011

stoat / Mustela erminea

stoat tooth burnisher
as recommended by Hilliard for the burnishing of silver when painting false jewels.

Ermines is a black field with white spots. A gold background with black ermine spots is styled erminois, and pean is a black ground with gold ermine spots. Erminites is supposed to be white with black ermine spots and a red hair on each side of the spots.

a white stoat would die before allowing its pure white coat to be besmirched

duck / mouse / two laureates

Thursday, 21 April 2011

pearl diving

hilliard / a treatise concerning the arte of limning / 1598

And Columbus, on the third voyage, sailing in the Gulf of Paria, observing the mangroves lining the shore, with tiny oysters clinging to their roots… the oyster shells open, to catch from the mangrove leaves the dewdrops that engender pearls

metcalf / genoa /54

Thursday, 14 April 2011

between .txt and .jpg

the end

butades' daughter paints penelope into a corner

Bitch Mutant Manifesto / VNS MATRIX

Bitch Mutant Manifesto


The atomic wind catches your wings and you are propelled backwards into the future, an entity time travelling through the late C20th, a space case, an alien angel maybe, looking down the deep throat of a million catastrophes.

screenflash of a millionmillion conscious machines
burns brilliant
users caught in the static blitz of carrier fire
unseeing the download that scribbles on their burntout retinas
seize in postreal epileptic bliss
eat code and die

Sucked in, down through a vortex of banality. You have just missed the twentieth century. You are on the brink of the millenium - which one - what does it matter? It's the cross dissolve that's captivating. The hot contagion of millenia fever fuses retro with futro, catapulting bodies with organs into technotopia . . . where code dictates pleasure and satisfies desire.

Pretty pretty applets adorn my throat. I am strings of binary. I am pure artifice. Read only my memories. Upload me into your pornographic imagination. Write me. Identity explodes in multiple morphingsand infiltrates the system at root.

Unnameable parts of no whole short circuit the code recognition programs flipping surveillance agents into hyperdrive which spew out millions of bits of corrupt data as they seize in fits of schizophrenic panic and trip on terror. So what's the new millenium got to offer the dirty modemless masses? Ubiquitous fresh water? Simulation has its limits. Are the artists of oppressed nations on a parallel agenda? Perhaps it is just natural selection?

The net's the parthenogenetic bitch-mutant feral child of big daddy mainframe. She's out of of control, kevin, she's the sociopathic emergent system. Lock up your children, gaffer tape the cunt's mouth and shove a rat up her arse.

We're [con]verging on the insane and the vandals are swarming. Extend my phenotype, baby, give me some of that hot black javamagic you're always bragging about. (I straddle my modem). The extropians were wrong, there's some things you can't transcend.

The pleasure's in the dematerialisation. The devolution of desire.

We are the malignant accident which fell into your system while you were sleeping. And when you wake we will terminate your digital delusions, hijacking your impeccable software.

Your fingers probe my neural network.The tingling sensation in the tips of your fingers are my synapses responding to your touch. It's not chemistry, it's electric.
Stop fingering me.

Don't ever stop fingering my suppurating holes, extending my boundary but in cipherspace there are no bounds [or so they say] BUT IN SPIRALSPACE THERE IS NO THEY
there is only *us*
Trying to flee the binary I enter the chromozone which is not one
resistance is futile
entice me splice me map my ABANDONED genome as your project artificially
involve me
i wanna live forever
upload me in yr shiny shiny PVC future


Subject X says transcendence lies at the limit of worlds, where now and now, here and elsewhere, text and membrane impact. Where truth evaporates Where nothing is certain There are no maps The limit is NO CARRIER , the sudden shock of no contact, reaching out to touch [someone] but the skin is cold...

The limit is permission denied, vision doubled, and flesh necrotic.

Command line error

Heavy eyelids fold over my pupils, like curtains of lead. Hot ice kisses my synapses with an (ec)static rush. My system is nervous, neurons screaming - spiralling towards the singularity. Floating in ether, my body implodes.

I become the FIRE.

Flame me if you dare.

VNS Matrix ‘Bitch Mutant Manifesto’ (c.1994) reproduced in n.paradoxa issue 4 online issue 4, n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal August 1997, republished, January 2010


diffraction landscape
…rearrangements of the ideological space …


Woman, for too long diverted into morals and prejudices, go back to your sublime instinct, to violence, to cruelty.

The Manifesto of Futurist Woman (Response to F. T. Marinetti)”(1912)

by Valentine de Saint Point

Futurist Manifesto of Lust 11th January 1913

no yes no

Yvonne Rainer / No Manifesto / 1965

No to spectacle.
No to virtuosity.
No to transformations and magic and make-believe.
No to the glamour and transcendency of the star image.
No to the heroic.
No to the anti-heroic.
No to trash imagery.
No to involvement
of performer or spectator.
No to style.
No to camp.
No to seduction of spectator by the wiles of the performer.
No to eccentricity.
No to moving or being moved.

Mette Ingvartsen / ‘Yes Manifesto’ / 2006

Yes to redefining virtuosity
Yes to conceptualizing experience, affects, sensation
Yes to materiality/body practice
Yes to investment of performer and spectator
Yes to expression
Yes to excess
Yes to “invention” (however impossible)
Yes to un-naming, decoding and recoding expression
Yes to non-recognition, non-resemblance
Yes to non-sense/illogic
Yes to organizing principles rather than fixed logic systems
Yes to moving the “clear concept” behind the actual performance of
Yes to methodology and procedures
Yes to animation
Yes to style as a result of procedure and specificity of a proposal.
Yes to complexity

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

vanishing points


Marker 1 00:00:00:00
Empty, brown, wooden chair facing camera. Some pale paint marks on the chair. The background is a white room, a drip of paint on the wall to the upper right. Sticks lean into the wall at an angle behind the chair.

so what are you thinking?

Marker 2 00:02:30:00 traffic sounds
Figure framed head and shoulders against white wall. Single pin in wall upper left, pencil line marks a level. Shot angled upwards. Head three-quarters turned to right. Chin raised, eyes looking out of frame downwards to right. Brows furrowed.

press record as you're playing

Marker 3 00:05:00:00
Entreaty/ emphasis.
Seated figure framed centrally in shot. Left hand extended palm upwards .
Direct eye contact. Light falls obliquely from the window to the right bleaching the left side of the face.
Drips on wall, trailing electric cables, blue painted panel to right of shot.

do what I'm doing right now

drawing / 120 stick on diamonds

BECAUSE we must take over the means of production in order to create our own moanings.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


The location of the Centre of Fantasy is the latest discovery of science in The One State. This Centre is a miserable little cerebral node in the region of the Bridge of Varoli. A triple cauterization of this node with X-rays, and you are cured of Fantasy -
You are perfect; you are on a par with machines, the road to one hundred percent happiness lies clear ahead. hasten, then, all of you, young and old - hasten to submit yourselves to the Grand Operation!

Zamyatin / We