Monday, 17 July 2017

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Sunday, 9 July 2017


What does space flight signify for the Jewish philosopher? The first thing that strikes the eye is the way that Levinas puts Gagarin and Heidegger back to back. Strange comparison: what do the Russian cosmonaut and the rustic thinker of Todtnauberg have to do with one another? In fact, they represent absolute antipodes: Soviet Communism and German Fascism, technological wizardry and technophobic anti-modernism, vita activa and vita contemplativa. Most importantly, for Levinas this impossible couple stands for the choice between “enlightened uprootedness” (enracinement éclairé) and “earthly attachment” (attachement terrestre). By voyaging into space, man leaves behind his mythic homeland: even further, he discovers that this hallowed place was never anything but superstition and idolatry. Levitation makes of the human being a creature of the universe. Against the philosopher of the forest clearing, Levinas defends the astral desires of technological man.

Friday, 2 June 2017

wound man

WTF Primark!

"and you thought corsets had boning?" schiaparelli pins the dress to carrie. to her shoulders, her arms, her torso, her waist. endless needles. steel through skin. carrie gasps. black hides blood. blood soaks her. trapunto bones absorb it. the bones are stuffed with batting. sciaparelli licks blood from her own fingers. "blood,' she says, 'tastes like pins!"   mccormack 64

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

sl rti

virtual rti

Halloween, she finds her way up into some old hotel above Geary: Tenderloin's cannibal fringe down one side, the gray shells of big stores off the other.
Pressing her cheek to cold glass.

Monday, 29 May 2017

mobiles et muets


Circe turns Odysseus' comrades into swines | od199gen: "Now when she had given them the potion, and they had drunk it off, then she presently smote them with her wand, and penned them in the sties. And they had the heads, and voice, and bristles, and shape of swine, but their minds remained unchanged even as before." (Hom.Od.10.236).

is a human to pig transformation machine 
which allows you to turn anyone you want 
into a nice fat sow. 

“He has a way with accessories… and it’s not only him… The Fortune Teller’s turban! The Witch-Doctor’s skull stick! The Ubangi’s lip plate! The Snake Lady – her anaconda is a boa! The Alligator Man – what a purse he would make! Freak fashion… the Mule-faced Lady. Ostrich girls… “It’s like I always say clothes make the inhuman.” [McCormack , 20]

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

the Fuck-Annie question

Halberstam proceeds to out-Edelman Edelman on the Fuck-Annie question, summoning his readers:
“to embrace a truly political negativity, one that promises, this time, to fail, to make a mess, to fuck shit up, to be loud, unruly, impolite, to breed resentment, to bash back, to speak up and out, to disrupt, assassinate, shock, and annihilate” (Failure, 110).

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

survivors and systems

Any bunny who is Everlasting will continue to function, as he or she does now: without cost.
Any bunny who is not Everlasting will be unable to eat and will hibernate within 72 hours.

eliminate anxiety

They are touted as miracle gadgets that can eliminate anxiety and even help people with autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
But now experts are claiming that fidget spinners – the new sell-out craze of the moment – are nothing more than a cheap toy.
The basic gadget has three prongs centred around a circle with bearings in the middle and is spun to whir hypnotically. A technique which marketers say helps to provide comfort in stressful situations and improve focus.

why dont you fags buy a fidget spinner and get a sharpie and write " politics" and spinn it all day cause thats all you dooooooooo 



Monday, 22 May 2017


internet eating away @ your  brainz

pour your bucket of diversity into an empty bucket of intolerance

you terrible anime scum

you wanna go sniff their warm spot?

good job
high five

retail archaeology