Friday, 26 August 2016

boa action

  1. software whose usefulness is reduced because of the excessive disk space and memory it requires.
    "a nasty piece of cross-platform bloatware that's in serious need of a total overhaul"
    • unwanted software included on a new computer or mobile device by the manufacturer.
      "users must initially contend with the usual bevy of bloatware (unnecessary toolbars, games of questionable value)"
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Thursday, 25 August 2016


A stray cat wandered into the crime scene and began to eat the cupcake.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

guitar tree

The Ends of the World

Last month, though, the environment changed. In what the director of Russia’s Institute of Global Climate called ‘a colossal, unprecedented anomaly’, a heatwave inside the Arctic circle took Yamal’s temperature up to 34° celsius, The heat began to melt the icy ground – the permafrost – and things which had been frozen for decades began to thaw. Among those things were the bodies of reindeer which had died more than seven decades ago; and among those bodies were the spores of the deadly bacterial disease anthrax.

The anthrax spread among the local reindeer population, killing more than 2000 of them, and then jumped to humans. One boy died; unconfirmed reports suggest his grandmother died too. Then the Russian government took action. Doctors and soldiers poured into the territory and began a programme of mass vaccinations and antibiotic treatment which seems to have stemmed, so far, the further spread of the disease. At the time of writing, hundreds of Russian troops are burning infected reindeer carcasses across the region, and a 12,000km exclusion zone is being disinfected to ensure no spores remain in the soil. According the region’s governor, ‘it is unlikely that anything will grow there ever again.’

Across the world, the ice is melting at rates much faster than predicted even five years ago, and as it does so it is bringing buried things to the surface. Viktor Maleyev, deputy chief of Russia’s Central Research Institute of Epidemiology, warns that the smallpox virus could be released again from thawing graves; so too could recently discovered viruses from extinct and as-yet-frozen mammoths. In Greenland, researchers fear that melting ice may lead to the release of underground toxic waste, buried during the Cold War.


The Defense of Poesy Sir Philip Sidney

The questions were ‘Whether gold can be made by art?’ and ‘Whether the imagination can produce real effects?’ These were followed by two positions in moral philosophy, given out by the King himself; one that it is greater to defend than to enlarge the bounds of an empire; and the other, that just and unjust are not constituted by law only, but by nature.

three graces


Joy, arising from imagination of a man's own power and ability, is that exultation of the mind which is called glorying … Sudden glory is the passion which maketh those grimaces called laughter, and is caused either by some sudden act of their own that pleaseth them, or by the apprehension of some deformed thing in another, by comparison whereof they suddenly applaud themselves.

It is manifest that during the time that men live without a common power to keep them all in awe, they are in that condition which is called war; and such a war as is of every man against every man… In such condition, there is no place for industry, because the fruit thereof is uncertain; and consequently no culture of the earth, no navigation, no use of the commodities that may be imported by the sea, no commodious building, no instruments of moving and removing such things as require much force, no knowledge of the face of the earth, no account of time, no arts, no letters, no society, and that which is worst of all, continual fear and danger of violent death, and the life of man solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.

Hobbes / Leviathan