Thursday, 22 October 2015

sandbags in the nakashima room

〜アップ taku & コラボ kristaps improved

Shakes the fresh green trees and flowers that bloom beautifully. Total brand heal in the power plant.

〜アップ   -appu
to upgrade or improve (something). Coupled with English or pseudo-English nouns that indicate what that something is; e.g., version-up: upgrade (software), buy the next-better version or model of something, improve the appearance of something; image-up: improve the image of, improve one's outward appearance; "weight-up": to gain weight; manner-up: improve one's manners, learn (proper/better) manners or etiquette; power-up: an object that instantly benefits or adds extra abilities to a video game character; base-up, level-up: take to the next or a higher (basic) level of quality; also base-up (frequently abbreviated bea): to raise the base wage of the workers

Phoenix Down
Brings a party member back to life when their HP has reached zero. Usually used by your cheap characters to arise your higher level character.

nicetown redux

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Yvonne Vera

The legend, the history is created in the mouth, and therefore survival is in the mouth.

If speaking is still difficult to negotiate, then writing has created a free space for most women -much freer than speech [...] The book is bound, circulated, read. It retains its autonomy much more than a woman is allowed in the oral situation
(Vera, 1999: 3).

‘The beginning grows into something; the end into nothing but what has been.’