Saturday, 27 April 2013

wsa photosculpture apparatus @ csm

Many of the mechanical monsters produced in the nineteenth century still sur­vive today-machines without a nervous system of their own, constantly requiring the assistance of a human partner. Developments in the use of electricity, and above all the rise of electrOniCS, taking place less than a century after the mutation that pro­duced automotive machines, have triggered another mutation that leaves but little in the human organism still to be exteriorized. Machines have changed radically as a result of the development of small-scale motors, photosensitive cells, transistors, and miniaturized devices of all kinds. This disparate arsenal is supplying the parts for a composite body strangely similar to the biological one. Whereas nineteenth­ century machines with their voluminous energy sources conducted a single force to blindly acting organs via extensive transmission systems, today's machinery with its multiple sources of energy is leading to something like a real muscular system, con­ trolled by a real nervous system, performing complex operating programs through its connections with something like a real sensory-motor brain.

Leroi-Gorhan / Gesture & Speech

Friday, 12 April 2013


#joining device
as gesture joins bodies
universality without collectivity

porta dei cieli

Windows, doors, airport gates, and other thresholds are those trans- parent devices that achieve more the less they do: for every moment of virtuosic immersion and connectivity, for every moment of volumetric delivery, of inopacity, the threshold becomes one notch more invisible, one notch more inoperable.

The Unworkable Interface // Alexander R. Galloway

Yes to Life

With Torch and Spear

With Torch and Spear // constructing collage
curated by Ian Dawson

Preview 18th April 6-9pm

19th April - 16th May 2013
Winchester School of Art Gallery
Park Avenue
Winchester SO23 8DL

Mon- Fri 12-4pm

Team Shag, Ian Monroe, Chantal Joffe, Kirsten Glass, John Stezaker, Alexine Chanel, Marcus Harvey, Joseph Cornell, Eduardo Paolozzi, Michael Thebridge, Kristen Posehn, Jack Lavander
Jessica Taylor, Nicola Manuel, Danny Aldred, Stephen Cooper, Louisa Minkin, Claire Mitten, Mia Taylor, Ian Dawson, Mick Finch

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Coastal Biology of Temperate Seas



On 18 May 1963 Wolman invented ‘Scotch art’, which he explained as follows: ‘using a piece of scotch adhesive tape i tear the print from a page of the newspaper. i obtain an orderly script on the flat surface of a new effective dimension. i discover the becoming of what i call scotch art in the choice of various everyday events, the modes of printing and the quality of the ink, the choice
of impulsions communicated by the action of fixing and tearing.’