Wednesday, 21 January 2009

cardboard city

The motif of Skinner’s room recurs through William Gibson’s Bridge trilogy as a place of refuge. It is a shack knocked together from salvage, suspended high on the bridge tower, a place where things and images, old tech and new tech are recombined into makeshift forms. A space for assimilation, where stories are woven together and electricity applied. It is the birds-nest vantage point of a post-devaluation community. In Gibson’s world metaphor is ‘a component like a capacitor’. Here the thought-form fiction of Skinner’s Room is the imaginary location to collect the works manifest in this real life show.

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  1. The prefix arche (found in archive and architecture and archaeology) is Greek for beginning, origin, foundation, source, first principle, central location and origin of power, authority, sovereignty. It represents a starting point or founding act in both an ontological sense ("this is whence it began") and a nomological sense ("this is whence it derives its authority"). Archives are all about narratives of origin, identity and belonging, and the politics of ownership, organization, access and use.

    Michael Shanks