Wednesday, 10 June 2009

la cena de le ceneri

1889 & 2006
temporal parallax?

De Umbris Idearum volvelles!


  1. who is the figure of? what does the figure hold in its hand? when was it made? what is it wearing? what is the event that is happening in the B&W picture? i would like to know more about this doubled vision. thanks x

  2. It is the statue of Giordano Bruno in Campo dei Fiori, Rome, where he was burned at the stake as a heretic in 1600. He wrote on mnemnomic techniques, spatial paradigms and language, cosmology and the infinity of the universe. The black and white photograph shows the celebration of the inauguration of the statue in 1889. He is holding a book. The date is significant in terms of the unification of Italy, the statue was apparently raised by Masons; the flags are masonic. The statue is now a rallying point for atheists and freethinkers.

  3. ps It is a monastic scapular and hood, but not specifically the tabard of an heretic or a penitent. The impenitent heretic wore a tunic of yellow cloth with images of devils and monks and flames.