Sunday, 20 December 2009

shooting script

INT. ENGINE ROOM                                       1

    Empty, cavernous.

    INT. ENGINE CUBICLE                                    2

    Circular, jammed with instruments.

    All of them idle.

    Console chairs for two.


    INT. OILY CORRIDOR - "C" LEVEL                         2-A

    Long, dark.


    Turbos throbbing.

    No other movement.

    INT. CORRIDOR - "A" LEVEL                              2-B

    Long, empty.

    INT. INFIRMARY - "A" LEVEL                             2-C

    Distressed ivory walls.

    All instrumentation at rest.

    INT. CORRIDOR TO BRIDGE - "A" LEVEL                    3

    Black, empty.

    INT. BRIDGE                                            4


    Two space helmets resting on chairs.

    Electrical hum.

    Lights on the helmets begin to signal one another.

    Moments of silence.

    A yellow light goes on.

    Data mind bank in b.g.

    Electronic hum.

    A green light goes on in front of one helmet.

    Electronic pulsing sounds.

    A red light goes on in front of other helmet.

    An electronic conversation ensues.

    Reaches a crescendo. 

    Then silence.

    The lights go off, save the yellow.


    INT. CORRIDOR TO HYPERSLEEP VAULT:                     4-A

    Lights come on.

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