Wednesday, 10 February 2010



Paling ( tsetsen pitchi ) is considered to be the most beautiful kind of fencing. It was made by putting branches of a purple willow or a nut tree 2 or 2,5 metres long vertically behind the 3 parallel poles fastened between 2 pickets. Fir-tree boughs cut from green fir-trees were the main raw material for making a paling. Such fences have been used for centuries.

A wettle-fence was used for fencing bee-gardens, haystacks in the meadows and ravines. Aspen, willow, bird-cherry tree and sometimes fir-tree branches were used for a wettle-fence. Some stakes were driven in the earth. They were made of hard wood and were put at a distance of 1 - 1,5 mts from each other. Some things twined around them.

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