Sunday, 14 March 2010

whicrosse, bycrosse, dicrosse, hycrosse and vecrosse

Confessed shee knewe Doctor Fforeman and that after his death shee founde 2 leaden pictures in his house aboute halfe a foote in length, a man and woman, and certayne moulds of brasse by which hee conjured; and shee founde alsoe a certayne cloth of silke wherein weare certayne words tendinge to sorcery, as whicrosse, bycrosse, dicrosse, hycrosse and vecrosse, etc., and the names of spirits & divells & suche like; these pictures & cloth weare shewen in open corte. Att the verye instant of shewinge whereof, there was a cracke from the scaffold, and suche a feare, tumulte, confusion and crye amonge the spectators, and in the hall everye man fearynge hurt, as yf the divell had bene raysed among them indeed, which contynewed aboute a quarter of an houre. And then after the Cryor had by commandement proclaymed sylence, the rest of the conjuringe tricks weare shewed in Courte.

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