Friday, 23 July 2010

Terminus: boundary stone

The new work was hardly begun, when, we are told, heaven itself was moved to give a sign of the future greatness of Rome's dominion: for when the auguries were taken, the birds allowed the secularization of all the places of worship except the shrine of Terminus. the fact that of all gods Terminus alone was not moved from his place or called to leave the ground which was consecrated to his worship, was taken to portend the stability and permanence of everything Roman. Hard upon this happy augury came another strange event, which seemed to foretell the grandeur of our empire: a man's head with the features intact was discovered by workmen who were digging the foundations of the temple. This meant without a doubt that on this spot would stand the imperial citadel of the capital city of the world. Nothing could be plainer.

Livy 1.55 (Tarquinus Superbus)

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