Monday, 4 October 2010


If I want to imagine a fictive nation, I can give it an invented name, treat it declaratively as a novelistic object, create a new Garabagne, so as to compromise no real country by my fantasy [though it is then that fantasy itself I compromise by the signs of literature]. I can also- though in no way claiming to represent or analyse reality itself [these being the major gestures of Western discourse] - isolate somewhere in the world [ faraway ] a certain number of features [a term employed in linguistics], and out of these features deliberately form a system.

Barthes / Empire of Signs

a distant being … geographical distance is a metaphor of the past … travelling is a techinique of anamnesis.
the exoticon - the unfamiliar subject … an experience of remoteness was necessary to reveal this idea to itself…

Warburg and the image in motion / 66

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