Monday, 8 November 2010

laws against images

Reproduction in printed media:
A banknote may be reproduced if the following criteria are met:
Condition 1 - Reproductions are one-sided only (nothing should appear on the reverse of the reproduction which might give the impression that the reproduction is a genuine banknote).
Condition 2 - Reproductions are not the same size as the actual banknotes: if they are smaller, they must be at most two-thirds as long and at most two-thirds as wide; if they are larger, they must be at least one and a half times as long and at least one and a half times as wide. Reproductions of parts of banknotes must meet the same conditions.
Condition 3 - Reproductions are not shown in an offensive context, for example in conjunction with imagery or text of a violent or pornographic nature.
Condition 4 - There is no distortion of the Queen’s image (apart from an enlargement, reduction or slant).
Condition 5 - At least one of the following criteria is also met:
the reproduction of the banknote is shown on the slant and not flat to camera – in such cases, the distortion must be such that right angles are reduced to acute angles of 70° or less, or increased to obtuse angles of 110° or more;
the reproduction is printed on a material clearly different and distinguishable from paper or paper-like material;
the colours on the reproduction differ distinctly from the main colours used on any of the current series of Bank of England banknotes;
in the case of partial reproductions, no more than 50% of the total surface area of one side of the original banknote is reproduced;
if the reproduction is flat to camera, it must be overprinted with the word “SPECIMEN” twice in accordance with Condition 6 (see “Reproduction in electronic media”).

Reproduction in electronic media:
A banknote may be reproduced if Conditions 3 and 4 (see “Reproduction in printed media”) and 6 (see below) are met:
Condition 6 - The reproduction includes the word “SPECIMEN” twice in solid black capital letters: once from the bottom left corner to the top centre and once from the bottom centre to the top right corner – the length of the word “SPECIMEN” must not be less than one-third of the length of the reproduction and the height of the characters must not be less than one-eighth of the height of the reproduction. This applies to both complete and partial reproductions.

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