Thursday, 2 December 2010

TIKKUN / repairing the world

Lurianic Kabbalah has also been used to explain the role of prayer and ritual action in tikkun olam. According to this vision of the world, God contracted part of God's self into vessels of light to create the world. These vessels shattered and their shards became sparks of light trapped within the material of creation. Prayer, especially contemplation of various aspects of the divinity (sephirot), releases these sparks and allows them to reunite with God's essence. Wikipedia

According to Isaac Luria's Kabbalist doctrine of Tikkun, the breaking of the 'vessels' of God's attributes scattered divine sparks in fragments throughout the material world. The task of healing these broken vessels, an enterprise in which "man and God are partners", reestablishes the "harmonious condition of the world" not as a restoration, but "as something new".

Susan Buck Morss p235 Dialectics of Seeing

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