Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Das Weisse mit dem roten Punkt

The White with the Red Spot

"Allowing for chance
The sum of figures
Awaits the outcome
Like a mosaic broken up a long time ago
the years cast
their splinters on my shores. Only rarely a bigger piece.
So I had to collect. Carefully put them together,
bit by bit.
Thus was born, infinitely slowly, the intuition of the 'Image.'
I should not have started with this collection.
and that is my weakness, my failure,
an illusion I have always lived with."

Unica Zürn, Das Weisse mit dem roten Punkt Texte und Zeichnungen, under the direction of Inge Morgenroth, Frankfurt am Main, Berlin: Ullstein, 1988


Extract from
Hans Bellmer Postface to Hexentexte [here]
…What is at stake here is a totally new unity of form, meaning and feel¬ing: language-images that cannot simply be thought up or written up. They enter suddenly and for real into their interconnections, radiating multiple meanings, meandering loops lassoing neighboring sense and sound. They constitute new, multifacetted objects, resembling polyplanes made of mir¬rors. “Beil” (hatchet) becomes “Lieb’” (Love) and “Leib” (body), when the hurried stonehand glides over it; the wonder of it lifts us up and rides away with us on its broomstick.

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