Sunday, 5 February 2012

Hold tight, we're in for nasty weather

I still notice the burned house, mornings, when I walk along the beach. Well, obviously I do not notice the house. What I notice is the remains of the house. One is still prone to think of it as a house, however, even if there is not remarkably much left of it.

markson /wittgenstein's mistress

According to the principle by which it is only in the burning house that the fundamental architectural problem becomes visible for the first time, art at the furthest point of its destiny, makes visible its original project.

agamben / man without content / 115

It is said of an old African man who is dying that he is a burning library - except that [as compared with the old African man] the burning of a library [which is itself a souvenir object] is an accident: in principle, the library lasts. Whereas, in principle, death is inscribed in life itself [this is why the man is old], as its 'normal' or 'natural' term, so to speak.

stiegler / discrete image / echographies/ 148

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