Saturday, 19 May 2012

Bleek and Lloyd

!nanni  27 May 1881
1. Shaka (a creeping plant the fruit of which is said to be eaten raw by the Natives of !nanni's country.), 2. Shaka flowers, 3. [ditto] fruit, 4. !kun, Bushman, 5. !kun tchu, Bushman house, 6. !yu !n'ubbu, The leaves of the !yu tree (which have fallen on the ground.)

1. |xue tchu, |xue's hut, 2. smoke of the fire, 3. Tchu tsi, entrances, 4. Path., 5. grass which has fallen off the hut., 6. Firewood, 7. |xue's back apron of monkey skin, 8. Its strings, 9. |xue shu-ssi, |xue's (day) place for lying down


The Digital Bleek and Lloyd includes scans of every page of the 110 Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks, 17 Lloyd (mostly) !kun notebooks and 28 Wilhelm Bleek |xam notebooks. It also includes Jemima Bleek's solitary Korana and !kun notebook and four Lloyd Korana notebooks in the Maingard collection of the Library at the University of South Africa, as well as Dorothea Bleek's 32 notebooks. All the drawings and watercolours made by |han≠kass'o, Dia!kwain, Tamme, |uma, !nanni and Da are also in the digital collection.

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