Monday, 20 August 2012

the Trojan Horse of planetary domination

The diffusion of seduction relations through the whole of so- cial activity also signifies the death of everything that once was alive about it. The generalization of simulation too makes it more and more manifestly impossible. It is thus at the moment of the greatest unhappiness when the streets fill with enjoyers without hearts, seducers mourning all seduction, the corpses of desires that no one knows what to do with.

It would be a physical phenomenon, like losing an aura. Like the electrification of bodies caused by an intense separation be- ginning to express itself until it disappears. A new closeness would come out of it, and new distances.

A total exhaustion of desire would mean the end of commod- ity society, and, of all society.

The landscape of a devastated eros

“As a general thesis, social progress and changes of era take place accordingly as women progress towards freedom.” (Fourier)

When the Young-Girl has exhausted all artifices, there is still one last one left, that of renouncing artifices. And that one, is truly the last.

By making itself the Trojan Horse of planetary domination, desire has stripped itself of everything that flanked it that was domestic, secluded, private. The prerequisite for the totalitar- ian redefinition of the desirable was in effect its becoming au- tonomous from all real objects, from all particular content. By learning how to apply itself to essences, it has unwittingly be- come an absolute desire, a desire for the absolute, which nothing earthly can satisfy anymore. This dissatisfaction is the central lever of consumption as well as of its subversion.

A communization of bodies is to be expected.

Tiqqun/ Jeune Fille

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