Tuesday, 13 November 2012

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whoever shall come for brick or for stone shall freely have the same for his pains
Commons Journals IV 309

La Dialectique Peut-Elle Casser Des Briques?

Aristotle -  clay is matter relative to a brick because a brick is made of clay, whereas bricks are matter relative to a brick house.
Aquinas - tiny pieces of brick remain in existence when the house goes out of existence... there can be no fireplace if the surrounding house has been torn down. We might say this pile of bricks once was the chimney, we cannot say that it is the chimney... characterised as a brick it still exists...


6.4 The Knocks
You will notice in the laying of the blocks you always hear the ringing of the trowel. This is music to the Brickie's ears since it indicates bricklayers at work which means money, security, and the good things of life. In like manner the knocks in a speculative lodge when heard outside the door indicate that the speculative masons are at work .... There is a certain rythem to the knocks. In the first degree they always remind me of the pound pound pound of an apprentice .... But by the time they get to the Third Degree they carry the sound of Mozart's Magic Flute .... And have the characteristic of a Master Mason lightly touching the block into its appointed place.


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