Sunday, 19 January 2014

monogram / schema

The image is a product of the empirical faculty of the productive imagination, the schema of sensual concepts [as figures in space] is the product and, so to speak, a monogram of pure imagination a priori, through which and after which images are possible in the first place, but which can be related to the concept that they indicate only by means of the schema.

very different it is with those creatures of imagination [Geschöpfen der Einbildungskraft] which nobody can explain and of which nobody can give us an understandable concept, monograms, so to speak, which consist only of diverse traits, delineated after a rule that cannot be given, and which are less a clear image than a design hovering, so to speak, between different experiences, the kind that painters and physiognomists claim to have in their head, and that are supposed to be a shadow image of their products or also their judgments


The Laughing Tear / Constructions of Allegory in Modernism / Rainer Någele

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