Wednesday, 10 September 2014


A month-duration, six-pillar, timepiece longcase clock with equation of time and further complications, the thirteen-inch break-arch dial having a silvered chapter ring engraved with a twenty-four hour dial, the centre having a 'penny-moon' with times of high water at both London Bridge and Plymouth and with both lunar and mean times shown by two further hands, the arch having a beach scene with rising tide automata showing the stages of the tide during the cycle, with a silvered scroll signed and dated by the maker 1933, with three apertures showing day, date and month, the earlier oak case having a swan neck pediment surmounted by three 'eagle and ball' finials, with brass capitals to the quartered fluted columns, the base with a raised panel and fluted canted corners, height: 222 (inc. finials). 

the eight-day movement with seven knopped and finned pillars, recoil anchor escapement, bolt and shutter maintaining power, rise and fall regulation with subsidiary dial to side of movement, with 1¼ seconds pendulum, quarter-chiming on three bells, striking on a large bell, with weights; case key
76½ in. (194 cm.) high; 14½ in. (37 cm.) wide; 7¾ in. (20 cm.) deep

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