Friday, 13 February 2015

ATOMIC PICTURES #3 : 13 février – 6 mars 2015

Common Conduct @ Atomic Pictures

« … a quite remarkable name, oikonomia psuchõn, that is to say, the economy of souls
translated variously as regime, or perhaps
the activity of conducting
of conduction
the way in which one conducts oneself
lets oneself be conducted
is conducted
the way in which one behaves as an effect of a form of conduct
as the action of conducting or of conduction.
A question of manners, the possible manners of being,
the management of possible forms-of-life,
the policing of the regime of the possible.
The economy of souls as a regulated flow between nodes. »

extrait de:  Common Conduct
Francis Summers & Louisa Minkin,  Common Conduct , 2013 – 06’00 à 08’00
Video HD, Courtesy de l’artiste

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