Thursday, 4 August 2016

nasty things

Nothing is therefore more important than a revision of the
concept of security as the basic principle of state politics.
European and American politicians finally have to consider the
catastrophic consequences of uncritical use of this figure of
thought. It is not that democracies should cease to defend
themselves, but the defense of democracy demands today a
change of political paradigms and not a world civil war which is
just the institutionalization of terror. Maybe the time has come to
work towards the prevention of disorder and catastrophe, and
not merely towards their control. Today, there are plans for all
kinds of emergencies (ecological, medical, military), but there is
no politics to prevent them. On the contrary, we can say that
politics secretly works towards the production of emergencies. It
is the task of democratic politics to prevent the development of
conditions which lead to hatred, terror, and destruction -- and
not to reduce itself to attempts to control them once they occur.

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