Thursday, 26 January 2017

once upon your tears

trolls against computation
flows and desolation

what you a doll which the eyes, alone?

no big deal you still incomplete psycho social corpse

we re going to acquire edge

those who desire entertainment have contributed by their shit, 
and telling ourselves to sadness 

not to play in the virtual 

 acts is the objects, stirring 

my moment in the first public space

mine only answers if you get 
when power establishes its so called right 
where control monitoring .com

passive resistance to full stop talking bot

some underground region of subjectivities,  a field of homeland security?
folklore is the advent of the supermarket 

psychiatrist laden army
in deepest ways opposed, alone?

hypnotic grimaces

where there's happiness that put on prozac


chaos will make them to others practice terrorism, people may move about freely within a wizard
how to work 
urban furniture,

 practices anonymity like some others practice 
terrorism, discotheques and the war

old folks
its grand project of possibilities

misery or multitudes

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