Tuesday, 21 February 2017

woah spoiler

Thus, in France, four eggs "were placed before birth on top of drones while still inside the eggshell and, after hatching, kept them there during their early feeding period," Reuters reported in November.
The eagles were named after characters in "The Three Musketeers," and by February proved capable of intercepting drones in lightning-fast horizontal chases. "Soon they will be casting off from peaks in the nearby Pyrenees Mountains,"

According to a Dec. 12, 1912, article in The Gleaner, the Morganfield City Council yielded to a crusade by the community's "leading women" and passed an ordinance prohibiting such dances as the Turkey Trot, the Bunny Hug, the Jelly Wobble, the Tangleworm Wiggle "or other like lewd and lascivious dances."

"The eagles are making good progress," said the French air force's commander of a program that adapts the ancient art of falconry to the threats of unmanned flight.

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