Monday, 29 May 2017


Circe turns Odysseus' comrades into swines | od199gen: "Now when she had given them the potion, and they had drunk it off, then she presently smote them with her wand, and penned them in the sties. And they had the heads, and voice, and bristles, and shape of swine, but their minds remained unchanged even as before." (Hom.Od.10.236).

is a human to pig transformation machine 
which allows you to turn anyone you want 
into a nice fat sow. 

“He has a way with accessories… and it’s not only him… The Fortune Teller’s turban! The Witch-Doctor’s skull stick! The Ubangi’s lip plate! The Snake Lady – her anaconda is a boa! The Alligator Man – what a purse he would make! Freak fashion… the Mule-faced Lady. Ostrich girls… “It’s like I always say clothes make the inhuman.” [McCormack , 20]

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