Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The Nayland Rock shelter

"I have done a rough draft of part III, but do not know whether it will do, and must wait for Vivien's opinion as to whether it is printable. I have done this while sitting in a shelter on the front - as I am out all day except when taking rest. I have written only some fifty lines, and have read nothing, literally - I sketch the people, after a fashion, and practice scales on the mandoline."

On Margate Sands.
I can connect
Nothing with nothing.
The broken fingernails of dirty hands.
My people humble people who expect
La la

To Carthage then I came

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  1. .....'I look for a plaque; there isn't one. Yet Margate plays a deeper game. When I grow tired of examining this sea shelter I glance across at the building next to it and read:


    It takes a few moments for the spent penny to drop. I rub my eyes and look again:

    T. S. ELIOT
    Lest we forget.


    (All the devils are here- David Seabrook)