Monday, 7 March 2011

Robinson, which of the lakes do I prefer?

… the ultimate foundation upon which the Brummell phenomenon rested was the commodification of the real…
In a period that submitted hyporitically to the elephantiasis of ornament, the absence of every kind of bad conscience with respect to objects explains the almost ascetical sobriety of Beau's wardrobe and his foundation of the criteria of elegance on elusive nuances, like the accidental folds of a cravat. The technique of tying a cravat - worthy of a Zen master- invented by Brummell was rigorous in its elimination of any intentionality: it is realted that his valet Robinson could be seen every evening emerging from the dressing room, his arms laden with with barely wrinkled neckwear. 'They are our failures' he would explain. Beau himself, who some of the greatest poets of modernity have not disdained to consider their teacher, can, from this point of view, claim as his own discovery the introduction of chance into artwork so widely practiced in contemporary art . Agamben / stanzas / 53

morgan fisher / standard gauge

остранение - defamiliarization - Shklovsky - Art as Device -- politicised by Brecht as Verfremdungs technik - alienation - estrangement - the fundamental character of a work of art - distancing being the key attribute of the uncanny.

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