Monday, 5 October 2015

mica printing

the block was firstly prepared with gum arabic, then dusted with mica using a fine brush. The paper was then printed, transferring a sandwich of glue and dust to the required area. Alternatively, the gum was printed directly onto the paper (sometimes through a stencil) and the mica powder was sieved onto the wet glue to be dusted off when the glue had dried. 

Kira-zuri (mica printing)
First, two identical blocks are carved (kiraban). One block is used to print the grounding color. Himenori is applied on the second block, which is then used to transfer the glue onto the paper. Mica powder is subsequently sprinkled onto the surface of the print. After drying, any excess powder is dusted off. There are two or three other methods of kira-zuri. In the artworks of Sharaku and Utamaro, kira-zuri is used to fill in the space between the drawings.


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