Thursday, 22 October 2015

〜アップ taku & コラボ kristaps improved

Shakes the fresh green trees and flowers that bloom beautifully. Total brand heal in the power plant.

〜アップ   -appu
to upgrade or improve (something). Coupled with English or pseudo-English nouns that indicate what that something is; e.g., version-up: upgrade (software), buy the next-better version or model of something, improve the appearance of something; image-up: improve the image of, improve one's outward appearance; "weight-up": to gain weight; manner-up: improve one's manners, learn (proper/better) manners or etiquette; power-up: an object that instantly benefits or adds extra abilities to a video game character; base-up, level-up: take to the next or a higher (basic) level of quality; also base-up (frequently abbreviated bea): to raise the base wage of the workers

Phoenix Down
Brings a party member back to life when their HP has reached zero. Usually used by your cheap characters to arise your higher level character.

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