Sunday, 3 April 2011

laws against images

Two curious documents concerning the office in the first
reign are known. One is a draft proclamation assigned to
the year 1563, to forbid all painters and gravers from
drawing the picture of the Queen, till some cunning
person meet therefor shall make a natural representation
of her Majesty's person as a pattern lor other
persons to copy. 3 The other is a licence granted to

' our welbeloved subjecte George Gower our Sargeant Paynter
. . . we do give & graunte. . the full sole & lawfull
priviledge . . that he shall by himself his deputy & deputies
assignee & assignees only, & none other . . . from henceforth
. . . make or cause to be made all & all maner of purtraictes
& pictures of our person ... in oyle cullers upon bourdes or
canvas or to grave the same on copper . . . [for his life we
appoint] George Gower our officer, maker, paynter, ... & doe
strictly forbydd & prohibit ... all & every other persone or
persons whatsoever, Englishmen or straingers
... to entermeddle with the making, painting,
or pryntinge . . . excepting only one, Nichas Hilliard. . . .' 4

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