Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Marker 1 00:00:00:00
Empty, brown, wooden chair facing camera. Some pale paint marks on the chair. The background is a white room, a drip of paint on the wall to the upper right. Sticks lean into the wall at an angle behind the chair.

so what are you thinking?

Marker 2 00:02:30:00 traffic sounds
Figure framed head and shoulders against white wall. Single pin in wall upper left, pencil line marks a level. Shot angled upwards. Head three-quarters turned to right. Chin raised, eyes looking out of frame downwards to right. Brows furrowed.

press record as you're playing

Marker 3 00:05:00:00
Entreaty/ emphasis.
Seated figure framed centrally in shot. Left hand extended palm upwards .
Direct eye contact. Light falls obliquely from the window to the right bleaching the left side of the face.
Drips on wall, trailing electric cables, blue painted panel to right of shot.

do what I'm doing right now

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