Saturday, 5 November 2011

Occurrences on Prince Henry’s Death 6th November 1612

The same day se’ennight he died there fell out a very ridiculous accident. A very handsome young fellow, much about his age and not altogether unlike him, came stark naked to St. James’s, while they were at supper, saying, he was the Prince’s ghost from Heaven with a message to the King: but by no manner of examination or threatening could they get more out of him, or who set him at work. Some say he is simple, others mad. He belongs to one of the Chancery.

All the penance they gave him was two or three lashes, which he endured, as it seemed, without sense, and keeping him naked as he was all night and the next day in the Porter’s Lodge, where thousands came to see him. The King sent forth for him to be dismissed without more ado or inquiry.

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