Thursday, 3 November 2011

polish yer hexayurt

On Tuesday November 3d, and the tenth of his sicknesse, he became worse than before, all his former accidents encreasing exceedingly, his boundings being turned into convulsions, his raving and benumbing becoming greater, the fever more violent; where upon bleeding was agiane proposed by Doctor Mayerne and the favourers thereof, who still affirmed that he did mislike the too sparing proceeding with his Highnesse; alledging, that in this case of extremity, they must, if they meane to save his life, proceed in the cure, as though it were to some meane person, forgetting him to be a Prince whom they now had in hand, otherwise he said, for ought he saw, because he was a Prince he must die, but if he were a meane person he might be saved. This day for the easing of the extreme paine of his head, the hair was shaved away, and the pigeons and cupping glasses applied to lessen and draw away the humour and that superfluous blood from the head, which he endured with wonderfull and admirable patience, as though he had beene insensible of paine; yet all without any good, save perhaps for some small seeming hope of comfort for the present. Now began the pilots who guided this frail barque of his Highnesse’s body almost to despaire to escape the ensuing tempests; some of whose lookes did now more than ever discourage the rest. For this night he became very weake, the fever augmenting, the raving becoming worse than ever, in which he began to tosse and tumble, to sing in his sleepe, proffering to have leaped out of bed, gathering the sheets together, the convulsions being more violent.

 order to leave the reader no other way out than the way in... Lacan / Ecrits / Five / The agency of the letter..

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