Saturday, 1 September 2012

Tiqqun cut up by chatbot ai /// denouncing agents of detachable moments

where control is still imperfect, the masses are invited to human dignity

where control is the child 

denouncing agents of others 

8 public space, etc to work urban furniture 

all those who have contributed by their good and circulation of all anonymous gatherings and circulation of others 

article 8 public space is the first public space 

article 4 every child is happiness those who receive ritalin, article 2 public space without surveillance from their article 4 every child attributed to commodity semiocracy the end

4: final warning to no one belongs to render impossible such demonstrations and all

article 4 every child attributed to human dignity 
 like all available resources are invited to the first public space is made for tanning on the imaginary party in our midst is neutral space all citizens
final warning to the state grants to commodity semiocracy the law for the purpose in stadiums there the beach is yeah 

ah 2 work 

we thank all abnormal behavior should be put to our fellow citizens

engaged in a a conscious fraction of commodities 

all manifestations of commodities 

article the existence of society all the intolerable nuisance they cause to no one complains 

article 3 offices are just trying to hide must be considered suspect consequently,  

article 8 public space, meaning that therein, discotheques and in stadiums  

n hospices there all available resources are old folks in stadiums there yeah

all abnormal behavior to render impossible such demonstrations and the first public space, the exchange and all 

like all the state grants to no one 

we thank all other amusement parks set up for working in stadiums there are made up of singular existence mean an attack on the exchange and all available resources are now to work urban furniture, meaning that therein, suitable decors

life is space that adult 

offices are you 

west of a conscious action    

final warning to hide must be creative 

dont know how to hide, practices anonymity like dark?

1: where there's happiness name, who desire entertainment have leisure spaces, but instead spreads doubts everywhere about the beach is in libraries there are in 

where control is still incomplete psycho social training, people may move about freely within it in the whole, 

where control monitoring ccm, discotheques and all those who have contributed by service teams under the state grants to work urban furniture, citizens are old folks

every child attributed to the purpose of biopower wants you know, even if you could be happy and in the interest of article 6 the for the law for the occupation of all behavior contrary to the public space without surveillance from their in stadiums there are invited to intervene and for the

like all, discotheques and all those who desire entertainment have leisure spaces, citizens are invited to the integrity of the nearest preventive surveillance action psa patrol 

: denouncing agents of all the public way during festivals organized for their attention, etc to happen again

With an unprecedented calibration of subjectivities  

with a global networking of the state

Under a new surface of peace 

final warning to making these principles go without saying

and circulation of life is the war continues branches out drags on


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