Monday, 12 August 2013

APelles painted a Mare and a Dogge so liuelie

APelles painted a Mare and a Dogge so liuelie, that Horses and Dogges pas|sing by woulde neigh, and barke at them; hee grewe so famous for his excellent Art, that great Alexander came often to his shoppe to visite him, and commaunded that none other should paint him; at his death hee left Venus vnfinished, neither was anie euer founde, that durst perfect, what hee had begunne. Zeuxis was so excellent in painting, that it was easier for anie man to view his pictures, then to imitate them, who to make an excel|lent Table, had fiue Agrigentine Vir|gins naked by him; hee painted Grapes so liuelie, that Birdes did flie to eate them. Parrhasius painted a Sheete so artificiallie, that Zeuxis tooke it for a Sheete in deede, and commaunded it to bee taken away to see the picture, that hee thought it had vayled; as learned and skilfull Greece had these excellent|ly renowned for their limning: so Eng|lande hath these; Hiliard,  Isaac Oliuer, and Iohn de Creetes, very famous for their painting.

As Greece moreouer had these Pain|ters; Timantes, Phidias, Polignotus, Pa|neus, Bularchus, Eumarus, Cimon Cleonaeus, Pythis, Apollodorus Atheniensis, Aristi|des The banus Nicophanes, Perseus, An|tiphilus, and Nicearchus: so in Englande wee haue also these; William and Francis Segar brethren, Thomas and Iohn Bettes, Lockey, Lyne, Peake, Peter Cole, Arnolde, Marcus, Iaques de Bray, Cornelius, Peter Golchis, Hieronimo and Peter Vande Uelde. As Lysippus, Praxiteles, and Pyrgoteles, were excellent engrauers: so wee haue these engrauers, Rogers, Christoper Swit|ser, and Cure.

Meres, Francis, 1565-1647.
Title: Palladis tamia Wits treasury being the second part of Wits common wealth. By Francis Meres Maister of Artes of both vniuersities.
Date: 1598 

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