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The evidence to prove the first generall branch of his Charge, con|cerning the alteration, ub version of Religion.

To begin with his owne Kennel at Lambeth: We shall first lead you by the hand Note in marg:  His Popish & superstitious Innovations in Lambheth Chappell. into his publike Chapell there, a place devoted to Gods worship, and evidence what Popish Superstitious, Pictures, Vtensils, Vestments, Ceremonies, Innovati|ons he there introduced, and constantly practised since his instalment in the Arch|bishopricke of Canterburie, never heard off in any his Predecessors dayes since the beginning of reformation in King Edward the 6th. and Queene Elizabeths reignes.
First, we shall manifest what Idolatrous, superstitious Popish Pictures were there newly repaired, furbished, erected by him in this Chappell, to the great scan|dall of our Religion, and encouragement of Papists in their Idolatry, contrary to our Statutes, Articles of Religion, Homilies, Jnjunctions, Note '*' in marg:  Bishop Iewels Iew|els his defence of the Apology of the Church of England. 5.... WriterSingle illegible letter, & the established Doctrine of our Church, wherein the matter of fact stands thus: In the beginning of Reformation by vertue of the Statute of 3. and 4. Ed. 6. c. 10. for the abolishing, de|facing, and putting away of divers Bookes and Jmages then standing in any Church or Chapell; of the severall Homilies against the Perill of Jdolatry, then published by Au|thority, & of Queen Elizabeths subsequent Jnjunctions (given by her as well to the Clergy as Laity of this Realme, by the advise of her most honourable Councell in the first yeare of her Raigne, for the advancement of the honour of Almighty God, and sup|pression of superstition throughout her Realmes, Injunction, 2. 3. 23. 25. and Articles of in|quiry thereon: Artic. 2. 45. which enjoyned, All Pictures, Paintings, Images, and other monuments of Idolatry, and superstition to be utterly extinct, removed, abolished and dis|troyed, so that there remaine no memory of the same in Walls, Glassewindows, or else where within any Churches or Houses: the Idolatrous superstitious Pictures set up in times of Popery in the Glassewindowes of the Chapell at Lambeth house, were a|mong others defaced, demolished in such sort, that nought but a few broken imper|fect fragments of them remained, peeced up with white incoherent Glasse, and so continued altogether unrepaired, unfurbished, and utterly neglected, till this super|stitious Arch Prelate was translated to the See of Canterbury after the death of Dr. Georg Abbot, as was attested by Sir Nathaniel Brent, Vicar Generall, Dr. Daniel Featly household Chaplin to Archbishop Abbot, and Mr. Pryn, who had beene out in that Chappel, & exactly viewed it in Abbots dayes and since: But no sooner was the Prisouer at the Bar, W. Laud translated from London to Lambeth, but with all expe|dition & care, to his great cost [as appeares by the Glasiers Bills] he caused these demo|lished superstitious Pictures in the Glassewindowes to be repaired, furbished, beauti|fied, and made more compleat and accurate with new painted Glasse, then ever be|fore, setting them up againe in fresh lively colours, according to the very Patterne in the great Roman Missall, or Masse Book (which he had diligently noted with his own hand almost in every Page) so as no Chappel in Rome could be more Idolatrous, Po|pish, superstitious in regard of such offensive Pictures, then his at Lambeth, the par|ticulars whereof, after (a late double serious view) were thus attested before the Lords upon Oath, by Mr. William Pryn, Mr. Pember (the Glasier who helped to repaire and set them up) Mr. Dell the Archbishops owne secretary: Mr. Browne (his Ioyner) Sir Nathaniel Brent, and Dr. Featley.
That in the East Window of the Archbishops Chappel at Lambheth just over the high Altar (there newly erected) consisting of five severall Panes, there was in the middle pane in painted Glasse, a large Crucifix, or Picture of our Saviour Christ hanging on the Crosse, under which were the Picturs of a Scul, & of dead mens bones, with a Baskit full of Tooles, Nailes, and Round about the Crucifix were the High Priests with their Officers an horsebacke, and some Souldiers with others who crucified Christ, & the 2. theeves standing on foot; which portrature was taken out of the very expresse patterne thereof in the Archbishops owne Roman Missall

2ly. As he new moulded his Chappell Windowes; so he likewise altered the ancient Communion Table; standing with the ends East and West, some distance from the Wall Table-wise, even from the beginning of Reformation till his comming to the Arch-Bishopricke without any Rayle about it, into a New Altar placed Altar|wise against the Wall, with the ends North and South, hedged in with a new cost|ly Raile. Attested by Doctor Featly, Sir Nathaniell Brent, and Master Pryn.



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