Sunday, 29 March 2009

observations, weather changes or other events of daily importance

March 28th, Mr. Francis Garland browght me Sir Edward Kelley and his brother’s letters.
March 31st, a great fit of the stone in my left kydney: all day I could do but three or four drops of water, but I drunk a draught of white wyne and salet oyle, and after that, crabs’ eys in powder with the bone in the carp’s head, and abowt four of the clok I did eat tosted cake buttered, and with suger and nutmeg on it, and drunk two great draughts of ale with it; and I voyded within an howr much water, 49 and a stone as big as an Alexander seed. God be thanked! Five shillings to Robert Webb, part of his wagis.

The Private Diary of John Dee

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