Tuesday, 31 March 2009


a small girl, full length, in green dress slashed with white and
with red favours, white lace collar and cuffs, standing with a fan
in her left hand

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  1. Existence and Character of the Images

    That there exist those somewhats which we call

    The images of things: these, like to films

    Scaled off the utmost outside of the things,

    Flit hither and thither through the atmosphere,

    And the same terrify our intellects,

    Coming upon us waking or in sleep,

    When oft we peer at wonderful strange shapes

    And images of people lorn of light,

    Which oft have horribly roused us when we lay

    In slumber- that haply nevermore may we

    Suppose that souls get loose from Acheron,

    Or shades go floating in among the living,

    Or aught of us is left behind at death,

    When body and mind, destroyed together, each

    Back to its own primordials goes away.

    And thus I say that effigies of things,

    And tenuous shapes from off the things are sent,

    From off the utmost outside of the things,

    Which are like films or may be named a rind,

    Because the image bears like look and form

    With whatso body has shed it fluttering forth-

    A fact thou mayst, however dull thy wits,

    Well learn from this: mainly, because we see

    Even 'mongst visible objects many be

    That send forth bodies, loosely some diffused-

    Like smoke from oaken logs and heat from fires-

    And some more interwoven and condensed-

    As when the locusts in the summertime

    Put off their glossy tunics, or when calves

    At birth drop membranes from their body's surface,

    Or when, again, the slippery serpent doffs

    Its vestments 'mongst the thorns- for oft we see