Friday, 3 April 2009

blurred vegetation in foreground

Couple on bed, man asleep in foreground.
Young couple lying in bed, woman in foreground.
Two businessmen, focus on man in foreground.
Woman looking away, blurred vegetation in foreground.
Young woman, flowers in foreground.
Portrait of schoolgirls smiling, one in the foreground appearing neat.
Self portrait with cute girl in foreground.
Portrait of young Caucasian female smiling with hands in foreground.
Image of Teenage girl with hands in foreground.
Partial figure in foreground.
Portrait of beautiful businesswoman standing at foreground.
Portrait of a man with ship's wheel in foreground.
A visual element placed in the foreground becomes a framing.
Couple lying in bed, feet in foreground.
The subject in the foreground is holding sculptors tools.
The Self-Portrait is in a camouflage patterned foreground.
The artist is seated, leaning on a sketchpad against an object in the foreground.
Wideshot with silhouette of shoreline in foreground.
Foliage in the foreground.
Standing in the foreground.
Woman in foreground wearing hat.
A model of the alpha-helix in the foreground.
The foreground shows a colorful variety of plants and cacti, in bud and in bloom.
Foreground is blurry.
Portrait of woman smiling in foreground.
The vanitas still life in the foreground.
Girl in foreground.
Tangled "Undergrowth" with tree trunks in the foreground.
Boy wearing overalls and short sleeve shirt in foreground.
Young Woman in Face Mask and Glasses with Tulips in Foreground.
The commanding image of the woman in the foreground.
The bicycle in the foreground leads the eye.
Two wine barrels placed in the foreground.
Banana plantation foreground
The reality of foreground and the artifice of background.
Poor composition, an ugly background, plus distracting objects in the foreground.

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