Wednesday, 1 April 2009

List of things that subjects of portraits in Van Dyck exhibition hold in their hands

book, sword, scabbard, antler, antler, casket, cane, folded paper, medallion, fan, strings, bow, cummerbund, handkerchief, paper, quill, paper, cloth, chair, paper, quill, pen, cloth, glove, glove, cloth, palm, lamb, musket, cane, sword, cane, boy, paper, curtain, cloth, cloth, cloth, stick, sword, rosary, cloth, armour, flowers, scroll, paper, rose, sword, helmet, dog, paper, child, casket, bow, cloak, hand, head, helmet, cane, dog, branch, leaf, basket, cloth, two roses, cane, belt, shoulder-strap, stick, dog, cloth, cloth, sunflower, urn, hat, snake, dove, chaplet, drawing, paper, shepherd's crook, pearls, flower, rose, flowers, sword, stick, handkerchief, stick, sword, tree, bow, arrow, flower, chaplet, guitar, dead hare, musket, glass lid, orange blossom, architectural drawing, drum, telescope, portrait, feather, sitar, feather, hat, hat, palette

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