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Mytens to Carelton

London the 18th of August 1618 …
Right Honorable my very good Lord, my deutie first /\ beinge remembered wishing
your Lordship? much healt and happiness. Th: favor : and to ::
that I send you by this bearer that picture or portrait of the Lord of Arundel and his Lady, together in a small format, it is covered up in a small case. I have done my endeavour to persuade his Lordship to send your honour those great pictures, but he is not willing to part from them, and he willed me to make these in a smaller form, which I trust your Honour will accept and :
as a smal present donne by my L. of Arundel, and for my part and
… & have donne … to the most of my power, … …
judgement to your Lordship good dis cretion
Have binne at … to see wether I could fynde occasion to
drawe the Princes figure picture, but the Prince … a …
and suddenly to depart forget in progres, I am returned for London
so that I must wait for a better oportunity at his Ri…d? bark
and this is for the pr… the offers of my willingness to your cousin?
the w… it may prevail? you to accept as from your : and :
servant when wil such be … to … my … …
which your cousin? shall find ocassion to make tyme, in the m…
which i pray … the Lord to pro… and hope your Hon.
is health and prospertie to the … of … gloria d:

your honour bade to command
daniel mytens

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