Thursday, 2 April 2009

The unknown sitter is shown standing in three-quarter profile to the left behind a parapet. ...

the sitter looks out at the viewer with a smile
the sitter looks to the right
the sitter occasionally lowers his eyes to look judgementally back
the majority of the court sitters look away from the painter,
the sitter appears deep in thought ...
the sitter is a powerful ruler
the sitter is an educated intellectual
the sitter is a young soldier.
the sitter does not look like an English gentleman but rather like an Italian or a Spaniard. ...
the sitter adopts a classical pose,
the sitter has a sort of tense look on his face ...
the sitter looks out of the painting and away from the viewer
the sitter looks directly in the eyes of the viewer
the sitter looks out to his left at the viewer.
Does the sitter look happy, sad, contemplative, sarcastic?
the sitter looks directly at the viewer. ...
the dog looks at the viewer, the viewer looks at the sitter, and she looks away. ...
the sitter looks a their portrait

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