Thursday, 16 April 2009

the limit of vision

...what 'the ancients' called the horizon, the circle of which we are the centre wherever we go. This circle cannot exceed a diameter of about thirty five miles, at which point the line of sight becomes tangent to the earth's curvature and sight fails.

Vision, reflection, and desire in western painting

By David Summers

stills from machine room

function Disable Camera Constraints ()


Belief System (also, “conceptual system”) [krugozor]

“Literally in Russian ‘the circle of one’s vision.’ Primary here is the fact that krugozory are all always highly specific, and the visual metaphor emphasizes this: what I see can never be what you see, if only (as Bakhtin put it in an early essay) because I can see what is behind your head. Every [c]u[z]oj thus has its own krugozor. When the term is used on a global or societal scale we have rendered it as ‘belief system’; when it refers to the local vantage point of an individual, as ‘conceptual horizon.’”

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