Friday, 13 January 2012

melencolia / durer's solid

When thinking suddenly stops in a configuration pregnant with tensions, it gives that configuration a shock, by which it crystallizes into a monad. A historical materialist approaches an historical subject only when he encounters it as a monad.


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  1. Franz Deckwitz worked on several “Philosopher's Stones" while being in Lucerne (Franke, 1993). He was interested in Dürer’s Melancholia and reconstructed three-dimensionally that famous stone onto which a woman symbolizing melancholy put her arm and head. Two stones, a large one covered with gold (?) and a small one painted with a blue sky (Deckwitz made several of these smaller stones) were situated in the working room, a third one was in the pyramid itself. Deckwitz writes that he produced a first stone for the exhibition at the Moderne Museet in Stockholm and a second one in Lucerne in 1973. (Gent, 1986). For the work of art © The Estate of George Paul Thek, New York. For the photography © The Paul George Thek Estate, New York. Photo: H.P. Bertschy.